Featured: MobileGuardian is an all-in-one, affordable and fully-portable GPS tracking system / GPS tracking device for GPS vehicle tracking. Giving you a front-line defense against vehicle theft, MobileGuardian alerts you as soon as your car is started without your permission. That puts you in the driver's seat, even when youre not.

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The perfect partner for wireless security solutions, Uplink has what it takes to design and deliver superior technology, networks and solutions from start to finish. Uplink's industry experts know wireless security inside and out -- from service and application development, to technology integration, to network requirements and services. Uplink has the right wireless security solution for each customer's unique service needs. Our OEM solutions are designed to ease the complexity of wireless security deployments -- and to promote rapid and efficient implementation and faster time to market. To learn more about Uplink OEM solutions click here.

Uplinks wireless communications solution for security monitoring provides a dedicated end-to-end wireless solution that reports all alarm and operational status and event messages generated by security and monitoring systems. The market leader in wireless alarm event communications, Uplink's secure, cellular link transmits alarm messages to virtually any Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) or Central Station. To learn more about Uplink's wireless security monitoring, click here.

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